NEW BLOG POST - One of those weeks

Just two things – these lace up sleeves are rocking my world and these sneakers have rose gold hardware, rose gold I tell ya, beautiful. Well done MINT VELVET, you’re more on the ball than me...

Lace up sleeve knit -
Sneakers -

p.s. I forgot my dog. And a handbag. True story.

Maybe the best high street knit of the season on the blog right now -

Picking out nursery decor with my baba...


Oh man, fall is here. Or autumn… instagram americanisms are permeating my impressionable mind. The air is cooler and the leaves are turning. And we could be woeful about the end of summer OR we could embrace the red and the chunky knits and the copious hot chocolates on the horizon...

Next cable knit cardigan -
Radley London bag -
Glamorous tee -
Frame jeans -
Boden heels -

G i r l s N i g h t ✨ Breaking out of the baby funk this evening to host a style session with MINT VELVET at 7.30pm in House of Fraser, Glasgow - talking style tips and my top season picks - hope to see some of you there | Part of the Beauty Confidential event, tickets are £10 (redeemable again purchase) and avail in store or by calling 03448003728 ext. 2409

NEW BLOG POST - Blank canvas - adding personality

The thing about moving into a new home is that it can take time to feel like ‘you’... Adding personality and warmth with details from TK Maxx who have an extra big delivery of lighting across Scotland and online right now (so I'm living out my Barbados colonial interior dreams)...

Question : If I owned seven pairs of denim dungarees would that be too many?

Full post over here -


In some ways it seems kinda crazy to do a newborn shoot when we have a great camera and no doubt will take 1,045,802 photos of Hunter (before his first birthday)… but I wanted some keepers. So I did what any millennial would do and I googled. I found Julie Vance Photography. And she nailed it...

NEW BLOG POST - We've moved

We've moved. Not domain name… like an actual real life move. To a proper house. In the country. We are grown ups now...

Sugarhill Boutique sweatshirt -
BLANQI leggings -

🌿 M a m a G i v e a w a y 🌿 So happy to partner with Figleaves to offer one lucky mama the choice of a nursing/maternity set!

In love with this gorgeous lace set from Figleaves - the struggle of finding pretty maternity and nursing bras is real (if there's ever a time in our lives when we need an extra little boost, it's now!)...

NEW BLOG POST - Back to basics

Back to basics… stripes and denim. But these stripes are on a new level with ruffle sleeves – like a classic breton, only better...

Boden breton -
Zalando jumpsuit -

NEW BLOG POST - Home tour - the living room

The home tour continues… which somehow seems a little strange considering the Thankfifi Home is on the move. But life has been hectic and we got some catching up to do. So first things first, let’s finish this home tour...

6, 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant to 1 month old – I will forever be in awe of women’s bodies, that some of us are lucky enough to grow babies and get them out…

The story of Hunter's birth on the blog this week -

NEW BLOG POST - Summer heroes - part II

Yeah, these guys again… I just got so much love for the Chloe wedges and basket bags. These are my summer heroes from Zalando..

Chloe wedges (ON SALE) -
Free People dress (ON SALE) -

Doing the mum thing with a baby bag under the guise of something far more beautiful (seriously it has a changing mat in there)...
Full post on the blog -

Henri Bendel West 57th baby bag -

NEW BLOG POST - 1 month on - my birth story

The whooooole story - it might not always be a pretty story but it's the true story...

NEW BLOG POST - Hands full

Hands full but moving forward with the Joolz Geo which is possibly loved by the husband even more than me (hello tan leather trims and four wheel suspension)…

Life right now - never too many muslin cloths...

More on the blog at this week - including his first haul and the shoot that took three attempts to complete which finally came to fruition with Hunter strapped to the husband's front in the baby carrier whilst he went to work with the camera...

NEW BLOG POST - His first haul...

It was only a matter of time before he had his first haul right? And with a massive drop of kids clothing in TK Maxx at the moment, now was the time… We’re burning through clothes at a rapid rate in the Thankfifi home at the moment with Hunter outgrowing outfits from one day to the next (I swear I shed a small tear when I had to accept that the first teeny tiny suit really didn’t fit this week)...

Summer heroes from Zalando on the blog right now -

Chloe wedges (on sale!) -

NEW BLOG POST - Summer heroes with Zalando (aka bargain Chloe wedges & another basket bag)

Surely it is undeniable that the trend of the summer is the basket bag. S’oh yeah’, I might be just another cliché...

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S u n d a y F u n d a y 🐻🐼🌿👶🏻 Tested out the Ergobaby UK 360 carrier on our first family walk in the country today - the sun came out and we walked round the loch for an hour without a hitch (last time I did that walk I was 8.5 months pregnant and super uncomfortable so today was a nice change!) and the best bit about the carrier? I can kiss his little head every 5 seconds if i want to... and I do.

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NEW BLOG POST - Home tour - boho nursery corner

For the first couple months at least Hunter’s nursery is a corner in our bedroom...

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Twinning with my tiny in blue and white linen from TK Maxx on the blog right now -

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NEW BLOG POST - Summer essentials with TK Maxx

Hooray for regular clothes! I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be out and about and like myself again (only with the addition of the best little guy in the world). Some of my old clothes fit on but the style doesn’t feel quite right you know? Anyway… nothing a little TK Maxx haul couldn’t fix...

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T r i b e 👶🏻🐻🐼 All my boys... (and one behind the lens)

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1 W e e k 🙌🏻 Probably the best week of my entire life - everything has changed and yet it all feels 'normal' - like he's really meant to be here with us | The love is unreal ❤️

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M o m J e a n s 🙌🏻 I never really got the appeal of high waisted mom jeans... but now I SO get it - amen to jeans that hold you in in all the right places!

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P r a m L i f e 🏁 Test driving the new Joolz wheels...

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C o m p l e t e ❤️ Never before have I felt a love like this... | Hunter arrived safely a few days ago and, honestly, nothing can prepare you for the love you feel the moment you set eyes on the tiny person you've been growing for nine months - every time I look at him my heart is close to bursting. Our little family is complete ❤️

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NEW BLOG POST - Nine months
Thoughts on the nine month mark in today's post...

There is nothing left to prepare… and yet I still feel completely unprepared for what lies ahead…

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NEW BLOG POST - The hospital dash

It’s the strangest thing knowing that something so huge is on the horizon… and yet not knowing when. Much to the husband’s relief my hospital bag is finally packed, save the going home outfit which proves to be somewhat elusive – online searches reveal that something loose and comfortable will be best and yet I can’t get images of Kate beaming at the hospital exit, perfectly coiffed and beautiful… In any case, there’s a good chance my ‘going home outfit’ might well wind up being my going in outfit but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my essentials, the ones I know for sure are coming with me…

Including No+mi London, Next, Sudio, Panache Lingerie, Jo Malone London, Alex Carro Skincare, Sanctuary

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Ready for the little one to arrive now...

Big love for this bra from Panache Lingerie - honestly finding pretty pieces and dealing with the, erm, body changes (a D to a G my friends!) has been a challenge but I'm feeling a lot happier now I've got the undies sorted! Just tell me they won't get any bigger???

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Sharing my last minute mama essentials with Collect+ today -

Wearing Isabella Oliver Maternity which you can now shop with Click & Collect (so if you're like me and find it easier to pick up deliveries at the obscure times of day and night that suit you, then you're in luck!). AND you can use the code Collect15 for 15% off full price pieces with them too.x

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NEW BLOG POST - Simple summer soundtrack

Keeping things simple at this stage to be completely honest… a jersey jumpsuit that pulls on and off in one shot and footwear I can slip on and off all by myself. Flip flops are the business and these iQushions from FitFlop are like walking on air…

FitFlop flip flops -
Free People jumpsuit -
Next hat -
Stella & Dot UK & Ireland necklace -

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NEW BLOG POST - Home tour - boho bedroom makeover

The husband jokes that I am turning into some kind of bohemian earth mama… I’m ok with that. Our bedroom transformed from basic and minimal into a boho sanctuary. Click through for the details and some ‘before’ pics…

p.s. What do you think of the half painted wall? Colour is Studio Green by Farrow & Ball

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Remember those sweatshirts with the tiger head that everyone (or was it just me?) really craved a couple years back? Well, Flannels Fashion opened a new store at Silverburn last week and the moment my eyes met these espadrilles, with those embroidered tiger heads, it was love. Dreams. Come. True. And you know what else? For a hundred bucks I bet they get way more wear than one of those sweatshirts ever would have…

Shop the espadrilles here -
(Or these ones on sale -
See the full look on the blog here -

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B l o o m i n g 🌸 Today is looking beautiful thanks to Mud Urban Flowers - bouquets for this week's home shoots | Wonderful concept - a daily seasonal bouquet delivered in Glasgow for £19 - and just look how gorgeous they are! Love discovering amazing local businesses 💕

See some of the prep on insta stories -

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NEW BLOG POST - Big shapes & Kenzo tiger heads

Because Asos White have a whole lot of big shapes and volume that just work for this obscure time (i.e. my big shape and volume)…

ASOS top - (on sale)
Isabella Oliver Maternity jeans - (on sale)
Furla bag -

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From the front I look almost as though I haven't swallowed a watermelon...
This look on the blog right now -

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G I V E A W A Y 🌸 Enter here to win £100 worth of Alex Carro Skincare -

I have been using these products for 3 weeks now and have genuinely never been so happy with my skin - the balancing oil is incredible and has left my skin glowing | I am so happy to share this gorgeous all natural, cruelty free brand with you and am giving away 1 face oil + 1 cleansing wash worth £100!

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NEW BLOG POST - About Saturday night

When you’re 37 weeks pregnant and you gotta do a Saturday night out with the girls… You want to dress your time-bomb bump for the occasion but options are becoming increasingly limited...

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3 7 W E E K S 👼 Washing teeny tiny bodysuits because the bun is fully cooked! Officially 3 more weeks till due date - the waiting game begins...

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NEW BLOG POST - Abstract

So this is what I wore for MrK’s tenth birthday dinner because, yeah, my social life is that wild right now that I get dressed up, literally, for the dog’s dinner. Amen...

Reiss blazer - (on sale)
ASOS blouse - (and regular fit
ASOS shorts -

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Celebrating this little one's tenth birthday with his fav tradition - fish dinner at The Finnieston Bar & Restaurant - happy doggy!

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My Portinatx travel guide is on the blog right now -

Three days of babymoon luxury on a £200 budget...

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NEW BLOG POST - Portinatx travel guide - Ibiza babymoon

Literally the most blissful three days and the best side of Ibiza… we booked up less than 24 hours before flying and still the break came in at less than £200 pp including flights, car hire and hotel. Read on for tips on where to stay, what to eat and do…

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Smuggling watermelons, thoughts on the 8 month mark and my love of nude in 3 new posts on this week...

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S U N D A Z E 🐻 Have to tear ourselves away from the sleepy bears for baby class... this is class no.2 where we learn all about looking after a newborn - good news as we need all the help we can get! Otherwise our baby will be sleeping on the floor and drinking out a water bowl...

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