M e T i m e 🛁 Weekends mean time to finish a cup of tea and relax in a bathful of bubbles c/o Gordon Castle Scotland - if you know me at all you know I love all things floral and this Flower Garden range is literally made using botanicals grown in the castle’s own walled garden in Scotland - I mean...

Shop here - https://www.gordoncastlescotland.com/

NEW BLOG POST - 'Tis the season to twinkle twinkle

Recently I was treated to a trip to the new Cath Kidston Edinburgh store to finish off my festive shopping – first year in our new home and I am literally obsessed with Christmas so sorry (not sorry) that I am all about the sparkles and the pressies right now...

R e a d y 🎁 To get my Christmas on! Home to -5 degrees and opened this box of coziness from Powder : snuggly poncho + super long socks + the best ‘Wendy’ fedora + baby fox sox & hat 🦊 (And that packaging is ON POINT)

And they’re an amazing homegrown brand to boot | Check them out here - powder-uk.com

M a g i c a l F o r e s t 🌲 Stepping through the magical forest in Jenners and in to see the man himself for the VERY first time... SANTA! | He might not remember it but I will ❤️ (More on instagram stories - instagram.com/thankfifi) #BringMerryBack

Book tickets here if you fancy it - https://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/christmas/santas-grotto

P.s. Dress is Issa by House of Fraser and you’re seeing it from the back only because before I even got out the car Hunter puked right down the front of it... and it’s silk 😭

NEW BLOG POST - A Christmas gift haul of ridiculous possibilities

Home and ALL about Christmas now! Sharing my top tips for shopping gifts at TK Maxx and why you need an 'emergency' gift (trust me)...

P u s h i n 🌿 All about dem free workouts... | For sure spent more time walking this week than lying by the pool - turns out holidays with a baby are, em, different | Eternally grateful for this Nuna UK Pepp travel pram which has been walked mile upon mile around the Costa Adeje - up hills for those free workouts, along the coast for iced coffees and to keep him entertained, he’s sat in it and played with toys on the balcony whilst we’ve had breakfast and lunch and so happy it reclines completely flat because it’s been his bed a few nights while we’ve enjoyed a peaceful dinner out so I guess he thinks it’s pretty comfy! #myNuna

NEW BLOG POST - Into the blue : Ottoman Hands - an exclusive discount

Party favs & a special discount for a few days only...

B l a c k S a n d s 🌴 Snuck away to warm our bones in Tenerife... Instagram.com/Thankfifi


Pretty much running on empty around now but I have moments like this and apparently evidence that my fondness of twinning is showing no signs of waning…

Crazy stripe one pieces by Gap

B r i n g M e r r y B a c k ✨ THE most festive store in all the land House of Fraser Glasgow | Spent the morning on a quest to #BringMerryBack, shopping gifts and party frocks with the in-house gift guru 🎁 and generally just gazing in Christmas wonder at all the twinkly lights - how many sleeps till Santa? | P.S. every time I even type #BringMerryBack I sing it to myself a la Justin Timberlake...

It's the most wonderful time of the year again... the Bluebellgray sample sale is almost here! As if my home wasn't already full of it... but I NEED MORE!

Friday 1st December - 12pm - 6pm
Saturday 2nd December - 10am - 4pm
Location: 17 Park Circus Place, Glasgow, G3 6AH

p.s. This is the Cactus cushion from the nursery (although you know you can find bluebellgray in every room in my home...) - get the full tour over here http://www.thankfifi.com/2017/07/home-tour-boho-nursery-corner/

NEW BLOG POST - Weekends with the Joolz Geo

So it feels like we’re getting the hang of this village in the country thing…

A mini review of the Joolz Geo pram, remembering that day when I thought I wasn't mother material and a look at our Sunday in the country...

P l e d g e T o P u p p y l o v e 🐻 Sharing the hugs with the furries, my first babies
Such a lovely concept from Babymori - just visit their site - http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cuyisqm5ue - and submit your kindness pledge to get access to an extra discount on top of the Black Friday deals - they have the MOST beautiful baby pieces including this organic cotton panda romper and blanket and my fav stripe zip up sleepsuit (a perfect gift for little babas)

NEW BLOG POST - Autumn styling - a giveaway with Ottoman Hands jewellery

All about the layers and the textures and the colours and the golden jewellery from my favourite Ottoman Hands... head to the blog for the giveaway details and good luck.x

Hit 'share' to give your friends a chance too (you know, if you're feeling generous).

NEW BLOG POST - Rained off

Kicking the week off with a pretty basic rainy day look and feeling wholly uninspired by this weather…

Did you catch the first look at our new home?

So it seems a mid-century, colonial, boho mashup is my interiors jam right now with a touch of quirky animal themed pieces thrown in for good measure...

Sofology sofa - https://www.sofology.co.uk/sofas/barrington
MONSOON pouffe - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/ctdqwcm5ue_
Urban Outfitters birdy side table - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/cs9nz8m5ue_

🍂🍁🍂 Blending into the 🍂 in H2T Karen Millen to celebrate the new flagship store opening in Princes Square today | There’s 20% off everything as well as a DJ partaaay - catch some of my fav bits on instagram stories - instagram.com/Thankfifi

NEW BLOG POST - Ball gowns every day

When you buy what can only be described as a gown, because it’s just too pretty with its big obi bow and its chopped up hem, and you want to get a bit of mileage from it…

Mango dress - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/cudnq9m5ue_

TK Maxx ‘A White Christmas’ Advert 2017

Don't mind me... just off to TK Maxx in search of a winning snowglobe...
(Can you even imagine this - the dogs would LOSE IT!)


NEW BLOG POST - Post baby fitness - what works for me

On my belly button's permanent state of confusion, finally getting a damn good sports bra and, at 4 months on, what's working for me...

With Panache Lingerie

H o m e ✨ Spent all weekend in the front room after sanding the old grimy floorboards and FINALLY hanging this beaut of a light - after two months with a naked bulb dangling from the ceiling and a looong search during which I eventually had to concede that our new ceilings could not accommodate a 1.2m drop light, I found this beauty at Cotterell & Co when I popped in for a shade for a table lamp (I fell in love and managed to convince them to unwire it from their own ceiling because I just couldn’t wait 10 days for it to get ordered in 🙈)

T r i b e 🌳 This country life ain’t treating us so bad...

NEW BLOG POST - When all that's left of ERDEMxHM is the socks

When all that’s left of the ERDEMxH&M collab is the socks… and you gotta buy them because you’re such a sucker for the marketing that £25 for a couple pairs of socks seems completely reasonable...

B e d D a y 💤 Don’t mind if we just stay here all day... | Every day, underneath it all, Panache Lingerie

SALE ALERT - Scottish Blogger Shop pop up tomorrow in Taste Buchanan

It’s happening again… my closet has been pulled to pieces, my front room has been ensconced in a mountain of clothes, shoes and bags (sooooo many bags), everything has been priced and tagged somewhere between £2 and £80 – I mean, heck, my mum even had the iron out…

with Thankfifi Honey Pop Kisses Forever Yours Betty Kingdom Of Style Lynsay Loves Little Blog Of Horrors

Saturday 4th Novemeber, 9am – 6pm
Taste Buchanan
Top Floor, Buchanan Galleries

Everything I’m wearing will be on those rails and up for sale including those beaut Jimmy Choo sunglasses. Most of my clothes are size 8-10 and shoes 5-6 but, don’t worry, there are handbags galore too…

Photos from Thankfifi's post

Drowning in boxes and organising for the Scottish Blogger Shop this Saturday... 9am-6pm in Taste Buchanan Glasgow with some of my favourite ladies!

Most of my clothes are 8-10 and shoes 5-6 but everyone taking part is a different size and style so there should be something for everyone!

NEW BLOG POST - Home tour - the family room

Welcome home. I never thought that this move would be ‘the move’, the forever home, but one room complete and it feels so right, you know? After our offer was accepted (ok, actually way before then), we were pouring over the Rightmove images and had a plan for this room (which was a burgundy dining room) if nothing else...

My very hungry caterpillar 🐛❤️ Happy Halloween

S u n d a y H a n g s 🍂 Loitering outside our fav brunch spot waiting for a table... | Because contrary to how it always seems to appear in my stories, it is in fact VERY busy

I D o S t i l l H a v e D o g s 🍂 But against all the odds... I’m one of THOSE mums - you know, the ones that think they won’t fill their feed with their baby, but they’re wrong? | Continuing this week’s twinning theme...


NEW BLOG POST - Party twins

Imagine two friends shopping TK Maxx's extra big party delivery for a little birthday night out. And somehow, without a hint as to what the other has chosen, we end up twinning. That is true friendship right there...

NEW BLOG POST - On slogan tees... and that email about my teeth

I think the title just about sums it up...

Sorry for the baby spam but I literally could not be more in love (it’s true what they say) and this wee face in that hat is just too much…

Full post plus outfit links over here -

NEW BLOG POST - Playdate

Just the two of us, on an autumn playdate, crunching through those leaves, twinning in that colour...

Sidenote - these are the first ever pleather leggings I have owned and they are seriously good - like not too shiny, perfectly high waisted flattering fit, less than £30 good (just goes to show why you should never say never) - Shop them here - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/cs4hidm5ue_

The new Jo Malone London cologne, English Oak and Redcurrant, I mean that scent just sums up a whole season...

Discover all my fall favourites -

Comp now closed!

Join me for dinner! Enter here - https://instagram.com/p/BaW_ehDFA5-/

I have 5 spaces at my table this Thursday 7pm at ASK Italian Glasgow and I am so SO excited to meet some of you to sample the brand new autumn menu together and have a good ol' chat...

NEW BLOG POST - Getting the Luxe Oil treatment

Post baby hair and breaking out of the topknot funk with mega watt shine hair thanks to Sassoon Salon Luxe Oil treatment...

N e w D o ✨ Got my hair did... | Yesterday I got my hair done Sassoon Salon for the first time in 4 1/2 months and when I got home the husband already had potato dauphinois prepared to go in the oven and steaks to go on the griddle so I got all dressed up (well, with slippers, but still) and we lit the fire in this new home of ours and drank wine and had a good ol' proper date night while the baba slept upstairs and the dogs lay by the hearth and it felt goooood...

NEW BLOG POST - The inbetweener

Talking coatigans and opening the Photoshop enhancement debate with a small confession...

Great Plains coatigan - https://www.greatplains.co.uk/product/woman-new-in/j0iaf/pagan-weave-coating.htm
Henri Bendel tote - http://rstyle.me/~iA-a7UhS_
Ottoman Hands stacking rings - http://www.ottomanhands.com/handmade-semi-precious-stone-rings/886-circle-shape-stacking-ring.html

T h e J u g g l e 📷🍼 Today is gonna be one of THOSE days I just know it... Taking Hunter for his second set of vaccinations this morning which I am absolutely dreading (last time we both cried), then leaving him with my mum while I walk the dogs before heading into town to shoot with the husband at lunchtime, then the plan is to find a nice quiet spot to put the finishing touches on my presentation for this evening's blogging and social media event with Cultural Enterprise Office (last few tickets avail here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/like-tweet-post-social-media-blogging-for-creatives-tickets-38536638122) which kicks off at 5pm... I have NO CLUE what I'm wearing and there's about a 50/50 chance I'll have brushed my hair | Ph. Julie Vance Photography

NEW BLOG POST - Warm spice

The coat, in my opinion, to end the search for the perfect AW coat. The colour is actually called ‘warm spice’ and if this season could be embodied by a colour this, surely, is it. The fit is honestly amazing and the quality is as good as any designer coat you could hope to get your mitts on. And it’s a classic but still has those details, you know? Jigsaw do good coat...

Jigsaw coat - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/cszc7jm5ue_
H&M dress - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/cszc7jm5ue_
kate spade new york bag - http://rstyle.me/iA-n/cs4vkvm5ue_

Like, Tweet, Post! Social Media & Blogging for Creatives

Swallowing the nerves once again and speaking this week...

Join myself & Sophie Amono with Cultural Enterprise Office to chat all things social and blogging -

NEW BLOG POST - Practical mum purchase

Surely fine knit over the knee sock boots are something I’ll get a heck of a lotta wear out of as a new mum? When not out on unreasonably fashionable country walks with pram and dogs, their uses are virtually endless – lay empty sock boot around baby’s neck as a bib, craft sock boot puppets, wine bottle holders, arm warmers with stiletto weapon attachment, Christmas stockings… ENDLESS. Money well spent. Obviously.

NEW BLOG POST - Underneath it all

On embarrassing the brother-in-law, body changes and finding my fit with Panache Lingerie...

NEW BLOG POST - Dressing up undressed walls

After last week’s casual confessions it only seemed fair that I dress these Ottoman Hands jewels up a little, you know, make an effort, just for me… and my walls...

NEW BLOG POST - Cliché http://www.thankfifi.com/2017/09/hm-mustard-jumper/

In search of autumn leaves to really bring out the colour of my eyes, eh correction, jumper…

NEW BLOG POST - Elevating the everyday with Ottoman Hands

If you’re looking for me you can find me swanning around my half decorated home dripping in gold. And a t-shirt.

NEW BLOG POST - Few words Friday

This dress, on repeat… over jeans, under jumpers and just on her own. Who’da thunk I’d be a floral midi dress kinda girl? Maybe it’s a country thing…

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